What Members say about being members

"Well, when I first came to Latches, I felt very inadequate.  I thought that I wasn't much of a sub at all.  I learned alot from my sister subs, and some of it hurt, and some of it was well needed.  Learning that there is no set standard for being submissive opened my eyes and allowed me to find out more about who I am and why.  With my recent loss of my Master, Latches has become my strength, and helped me to understand what a Dom should be.  It is so easy to be a Dom online, and with help from my sisters, I have come to realize that a Dom is much more than what happens online, or via phone, and the weekly visits. 

Going 24/7 is a huge step, and had I been in Latches before I made the step, I think that I would have had the tools( postings of webpage, comments from others, and experiences of other released subs) to make a more educated decision.  I took a step without having all the information.  So for me, Latches has been a huge part of my life, and I do wish I would have had it sooner.  I really think that a page on the webiste called "Look before you leap" so that others who are currently in a online/long distance M/s will be able to have somethings to consider before they go and move themselves and their families across the country for a Dom who might not be at all what a Dom should be.  I guess I have a tainted look at the transition from online to r/l, but had I been more educated, maybe I would not have made the same choices.  So to end all this babble, Latches has been the strength that has pulled me through."

"Latches is my home away from home....my extended family.  When I need to discuss something, I can always take it up with my sisters and can get a dozen different opinions, all valuable, all stemming from love."
"i love latches!   It is so wonderful having a supportive group of other real life subs/slave to talk to!  Geesh, because there are so many people in latches talking about the same thing -- D/s,BDSM relationships.... i am beginning to think i am normie not a perv!  lol

There is no topic we cannot discuss with one another and the sharing is deep and intimate... heart to heart.. sharing guts... helping each other have wonderful lives.

i am sooo happy to be a part of this group of women...."


"i think that the most important benefit from Latches
for all of us is realizing we are not alone...  we aren't the only ones who
want to live like this, feel it is right, feel we are special because we are
female rt submissives.  The companionship and closeness is the main benefit,
whether it be from the group as a whole, or one or two special friends we
get to know better.

Latches is a place you can ask a question you just couldn't ask anywhere
else.  The mails are confidential so members are safe in the knowledge they
can talk about sensitive personal issues on subjects that perhaps their
Masters are not equipped to answer...  for example, questions on female health
and problems.  Latches is a sounding board, too...  when you have an idea or
question running through your mind, you can ask the members for their
opinions - it helps to give different perspectives in a safe, confidential
atmosphere...  for example, questions on children in a D/s household.

Not only can you get female help and guidance, but hopefully each member
also manages to help and guide others too...  feeling that you can do this is
a benefit in itself.

Through all this, Latches helps you to learn...  you never stop learning in
this lifestyle. Learning about others, about your own feelings, about how to
make BDSM toys...  many things.

Another benefit...  very important...  is that Latches is a forum where one
can chat, enjoy, relax in a safe atmosphere amongst people who will not
judge you adversely because of your lifestyle....  that brings a special
closeness and ease that you cannot get anywhere else on-line.

I am in a 24/7 D/s relationship, i love it, it is my life, i have no wish or
intention of leaving it and Latches is a haven for people like me who do not
get a great amount of Real Time contact with others in the Scene.

Things i have have taken away from Latches?
The most important is i am not the only one going through things
or experiencing feelings.  My questions and concerns have always been
respected and the feedback from fellow members has been tremendous in
helping me get through difficulties.  Knowing i am not the only one
who has a difficult time with something makes it easier to bear.  It
is not as though i can talk to just anyone about this topic and they
would understand.  You have to "walk a mile" in someone else's shoes,
so to speak, to be able to understand.

i also like being able to express things, relatively freely.  In that respect, a chat room on aol just does not cut it.


"It's wonderful to see how many of us are out here!!!"


"Discovering you are a submissive...as i have...can be confusing...  Deciding to live the lifestyle RT...as i have...might be a bit daunting...  Finding others like myself to learn from...share and commune with......as i need to...was nearly impossible...until Latches...

i have been a member from its inception...  i find this group to be very informative and helpful...  Just to have the ability to talk with others of like interest is invaluable...  So many bright and articulate women...from so many diverse and fascinating backgrounds!  i no longer feel isolated...  i do not have to agree with everyone...but i learn
something from each and every member...  i am very grateful for the connection.   Thanks to the lovely ladies who launched this wonderful endeavor!!!!"


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