Welcome to The Chamber,

a LATCHES Chat room.

We are glad to have you visit us and look forward to talking with you. You've come to a place where actual face-to-face dominance and submission is discussed frankly and intelligently. You've found a place where fantasy roleplaying and on-line kink is given a backseat to the incredibly challenging, immensely rewarding, and so much more complex experiences of real-life physical D&S relationships.

LATCHES is a non-profit online support and discussion group for submissive women who have had some real-time, physical experience with D&S. The group provides its members with a safe and supportive venue in which to talk about their lives, discuss problems or issues of concern to submissives, and make new friends.

The Chamber is where we meet with each other and with those outside the group. It is our Public Chat site that has been constructed for casual and structured discussion of the latest topics of interest. We will occasionally host a conference in here and ask that as you arrive,  you look to see what is going on before jumping in too quickly.

Here in The Chamber we enjoy an informal setting where we visit and talk with each other, our Dom/mes and those who find their way here. We would like you to feel free to join in the conversations. You will find there are wide differences among us, as there are among all people, and that we accept these differences as normal. The acceptance we share with each other we would like to extend to you also.

While much of the time there is no set agenda here, we do ask that courtesy be extended to each person in the room. We would like people to feel comfortable talking to each other without fear of ridicule or harassment.

Please come in and join us.  We look forward to meeting and sharing with you.

You are also encouraged to post your questions, concerns or general thoughts on Brass Tacks. This is a threaded BDSM/leather lifestyle discussion forum. The board is open to any who wish to post a BDSM/ leather lifestyle related topic.  We ask that this board not be abused for complaints against Beauty's Castle operations or for posting  off topic messages or personal advertisements.


The Chamber Entrance Agreement

By ENTERING The Chamber *YOU* AGREE to the following Terms and Conditions.

Anyone violating these rules may be barred from The Chamber and/or Beauty's World  immediately and without notice.

1. That you are at Least 18 years of age...or a Legal Adult in the area in which you live.

2. That you will Not ever allow or facilitate access to this Chamber to minors or non-consenting adults through use of your handles and passwords, or by any other means.

3. That you will NOT use this chat in order to promote, exchange or otherwise engage in Child Pornography or Bestiality.

4. That All personal information learned online concerning the inhabitants of this Chamber shall Remain within its virtual walls.   This is an Adult chat and topics may be explicitly sexual and/or personal in nature.

5. That you will NOT divulge anyone's personal information in public without their Express permission.

6. That you will in No way attempt to violate the Security of this chat, or the site in general, and that you will report any such violations promptly to LATCHES or Mistress Beauty.

7. That you shall hold LATCHES, The Chamber, Beauty's Castle, Beauty's World and its related entities harmless in the event any personal damage or upset result from your participation in this chat site.

8. These rules may be updated and altered at any time, as seen fit by LATCHES Administration and or Mistress Beauty, whose rulings on offending parties and transgressors is FINAL and ABSOLUTE!

The LATCHES monitors enforce the rules within The Chamber.

The Chamber is also governed by LATCHES DS/SM/BD rules of conduct.

The Chamber forum Monitors are:

  • Alan's regina
  • Mistress Beauty

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