The Seven LATCHES Keys
All members are expected to understand and agree to the seven LATCHES keys. These are the guidelines on which our organization is founded, and it is extremely important that our members honor and actively support them.

I vow to be loyal.

To keep what is said within the privacy of this group, in confidence, so as not to undermine anyone's faith in their ability to share openly and freely.


I vow to be accepting.

To listen and be open-minded and sensitive to the views of others, even if they do not match my own.


I vow to trust.

To give of myself and my ideas, opinions and experiences freely, with faith that my sisters will accept what I have to offer with sensitivity and respect.


I vow to communicate.

To share my experiences and feelings, positive or negative, with the goal of establishing a free flow of information, opinions, and thoughts.


I vow to be honest.

To relay the realities of my submission and my experiences within it so that others may gain insight, information and confidence.


I vow to educate.

To offer my experiences and knowledge as resources, allowing others, whether within LATCHES or the community-at-large, to learn from my mistakes and successes.


The Goal and the Gift.

May we each support each other on our individual and community journeys, perfecting and taking pride in the gift of our submissive souls.

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