Something for the Master in your life! To make a wonderful cologne (using ethyl alcohol) or aftershave (using witch hazel): Mix together 2 fluid ounces of ethyl alcohol or witch hazel with the following drops of essential oils: 16 drops basil, 20 bergamot, 20 frankincense, 20 lemon, 20 petitgrain, 10 coriander, 5 clove, 5 ,black pepper, 5 patchouli, 2 sage, and 3 oil of benzoin. Present in a screw-top bottle with a nice bow round it and respectfully ask your Master to shake before use. Oh, and a little after-note…vodka can be used instead of ethyl alcohol!

Luxurious Handcream

Something for the Mistress in your life! Quick and easy Mix together 1 cup of rosewater with 4 tablespoons each of glycerine and cornflour, and heat until the mixture thickens. Cool and then add 3 drops essential oil of rose. Stir well. Present to your Mistress in a screw-top bottle with a nice bow round it.

Bruise Juice
This comes courtesy of Kat (a visitor to our site!)
Be sure to use bruise juice only on unbroken skin 1/3 arnica tincture 1/3 comfrey tincture 1/3 witch hazel
Eye compresses
For a luxurious relaxation Make 2 cups of chamomile or rosehip tea using 2 teabags and brew for 3 minutes. Remove bags and cool. Place bags over your eyes for 15 minutes and put your feet up… or, present this idea as a surprise for your Master or Mistress
Herbal baths
For a quick and easy herbal bath Hang three or four herbal tea bags from the tap or tie a handful of herbs in a square of muslin or old stocking and hang this from the tap.
To make a bath oil For dry skin, add essential oils of your choice to one tablespoon of almond oil. For a more dispersible preparation, add the oils with a tablespoon of milk.
For bubble bath, add the oils with a tablespoon of mild liquid soap or baby shampoo.
Which essential oils? For a relaxing bath: Chamomile, hops, jasmine, lime flowers, valerian
For a stimulating bath: Basil, bay, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, thyme or sage
For a healing bath: Calendula, comfrey, lady’s mantle or yarrow
Massage blends
Carrier oils
Almond oil - most popular as it has little smell, is rich in protein and is emollient, nourishing and slow to become rancid.
Grapeseed or Jojoba oil - silky smooth feel, Jojoba keeps well.
Hazelnut oil - penetrates well, aids circulation and nourishes skin.
Less popular but useable: Olive oil - good for aches and pains but its strong fragrance can drown the essential oils.
Soya oil - feels nice.
Sunflower - does not last.

Essential oils Add (in drops) to 2 fluid ounces of carrier oil
For facials: Normal skin - 6 6 geranium 3 jasmine 12 lavender
Dry skin - 8 chamomile 8 rose 8 sandalwood
Oily skin - 8 cedarwood 10 lemon 6 ylang-ylang

For body massages:
To revive and refresh - jasmine rosemary to the strength you like
For relaxation - lavender
For muscular aches (use hazelnut oil as the carrier) - 8 bergamot 8 6 eucalyptus 8 rosemary
For muscular cramp - 10 basil 8 cypress 8 sweet marjoram
For working on cellulite - 8 oregano 8 fennel 8 rosemary
If you add 1tsp wheatgerm oil to any blend you make up it helps its keeping quality.
Avoid massaging - If the subject has:
Fever, temperature or other signs of illness as massage could spread the infection; Recently had an operation, suffers from acute back pain or any heart trouble.
Avoid areas of broken skin sprains bruises swelling rashes etc. Avoid the abdomen straight after a meal.

Beneficial Herbs to look out for in Skin creams and lotions

Aloe vera: the sap soothes and heals
Calendula: for rough damaged and problem skin
Elderflower: a good tonic for all skins
Fennel: cleanses and soothes
Ladys mantle: soothes dry sensitive skin and rough hands
Lavender: gentle cleanser for all skin types, and a healer
Marshmallow: healing softener for dry skins and chapped hands
Parsley: conditioner for dry sensitive skin
Roses: soften skin and sooth
Rosemary: invigorates, aids circulation, and is a good antiseptic deep-cleanser
Sage: cleanses and tightens pores
Thyme: gentle antiseptic cleanser, stimulates

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