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The purpose of the email list is to facillitate a means of communication between members.  This is a comfortable, convenient way to discuss issues and topics relating to D/s.  It is a safe place for sharing and asking questions. 

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Basic Requirements

By subscribing to this discussion list you, without a doubt, certify your agreement with the contents of this welcome letter.  You certify that you are of the following:
1. Of legal age [within your country or state] to receive adult related information for personal use only.
2. That you did not join this list with the objective to use any information against others in any form or way.
3. That you did not join for any investigative or research purposes other than your personal education and entertainment.
4. That you accept full responsibility for your actions and that you accept that violation of any and all of the terms referred to here will lead to temporary or permanent un-subscription and may make you liable for penalties,  provided by local laws in your country or area.

Mail List Do's & Don'ts

DO - Save the welcome message you receive when you subscribe to the list. It will give you basic list server commands for subscribing and unsubscribing.

DO - Look before you leap. Remember, your messages will be sent directly to dozens or even hundreds of people. Think about what you send, make sure your message is on topic, and make sure you're adding something to the conversation.

DO - Find out what topics are covered, what topics aren't covered, and get to know the people involved. Take time to visit the archives, they will provide you with the background needed on all topics being discussed.

DON'T - spam the list. Commercial announcements, advertisements, chain letters, test messages, and other low-value messages should not be sent to the list. If you wish to make an announcement that you feel the entire membership can benefit from, please it to the Mail List Manager for review.

DON'T - bounce your mail. If you're going on vacation, suspend your subscription until you get back, especially if you think your e-mail box might fill up. If you're canceling or changing your e-mail account, change your subscription or let the list manager know what's going on. If mail can't get to you, it will "bounce" back to the list owner, who has to deal with it. If you have excessive bounced mail, you will be removed until such time you contact the list manager or Admin address to clear the problem.

DO - discuss the subject, debate the idea...not the person. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Members engaging in personal attacks or denigration will be dropped from the list. If an attack occurs through private email, please advise Admin and attach a copy of the email in it's entirety.

DON'T - denigrate the membership services that are provided on the list. Remember these services are free of charge to you. If you have a service that you think would be a good idea or addition please contact SIEVE administration BEFORE taking it to the list. A majority of the list members do not wish to debate problems or issues with the group, they simply want to discuss issues concerning their submission and the Lifestyle as a whole, that is why they joined the list. Admin will work together to bring a solution to any and all issues and problems, if the issue, suggestion or problem is suggested for a member vote, one will be drafted and sent to the entire membership for feedback.

DO - keep quoted material to the minimum needed to keep the context of your reply intact. It is annoying to have to scroll down through several pages of quoted material that you have already read to get to two lines of response. We have archives on this list and people can go back to the original message if necessary to pick up every detail of an old thread.

DON'T - post oneliner or 'me too' responses to the list. Send them privately to the original person who posted it. Posting low value messages will result in a warning. If it continues, a suspension.

DON'T - over quote from previous posts. The archives are available, PLUS everyone is receiving the same message so including more than just a line or two in order to connect your post to what you wish to comment on, is unnecessary. Overquoting will result in a warning. If it continues, a suspension.

General Guidelines

Confidentiality is primary.  Do not release the member names, email addresses, personal information, or any postings made anywhere within SIEVE or mail without permission. Do not share member documents or passwords with anyone, this includes both non-members and members alike. Refer members to the SIEVE Administration and they will be provided with the materials they need.  This is to protect the confidentiality and safety of the membership as well as the SIEVE documents.

Any Document, Site, Project or Lecture bearing the SIEVE name must be PRE-APPROVED by SIEVE Administration or a person appointed to schedule such events. Any suggestions or plans for additional SIEVE areas or lists formed from SIEVE resources, should be brought to the administration for approval. This includes the creation of any new chat areas or channels. Please use the Admin address provided above.   Failure to do this will result in being removed from SIEVE membership.

Send your commands to the list server. You don't want to send a message that only says "UNSUBSCRIBE" to hundreds of people.Send removal requests to If you need assistance, please contact the SIEVE administration at

If the list manager says that a topic is to be dropped or taken private, do so. If you continue beyond that request you will be dropped from the list.

If you are willing to be contacted by other members via another medium other than email, put the information in your tagline as ICQ No. "xx", AOL Instant Messenger "nick" or IRC "handle" . This will be enough indication that you are available to chat with someone.

Complaints are only to be sent to the Mail List Manager or Admin address. Think before you complain, is the thread something that you can filter out or delete without reading. Like all mail lists, this one occasionally gets off topic or a topic is repeated several times. If you are not interested delete it. Everything does not have to be serious, everything does not have to have a blatant tie into BDSM, this list is about  sharing what affects us and our submission. Think BEFORE you hit the send key, how would your words affect you if they were coming from someone else.

When replying to a message, please change the subject header, if appropriate, to reflect the actual subject of your message. If you want to keep the relationship to the original message in tact, simply write, for example, "Piercing WAS: OB-GYN" to show that you are now discussing primarily piercing but the original message that got you going was about OB-GYN. THIS IS OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE GETTING THE DIGEST VERSION OF THE LIST BECAUSE THE SUBJECT "Re: [SIEVE]  Digest - 7 Feb 1998 to 8 Feb 1998 (#1998-23)" MEANS NOTHING TO ANYONE BUT YOU!

It is really hard to define what is on and off topic on this list, because for some of us, everything affects our submission on some level. But keep in mind that the main focus is in relation to BDSM. If you feel you really HAVE to share that joke, put something in your subject header that reflects that it is humor. 

Continued and/or frequent infractions of these guidelines may result in subscribers being placed on moderated status for a period of time. 

Please keep these guidelines in mind when you are posting.


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